Picture day!

I have so many beautiful pictures of our sheep that have not been ‘out in the public’ yet. SO, here we go!

Baaxter – Romney sheep- 10 years old

Casey- North Country Cheviot sheep- 9 years old

Dalai Llama – 15 years old

Marshall – Corriedale sheep – 13 years oldmarshall1114

Niles- Wensleydale sheep – 11 years old

Penny – Jacob sheep – 5 years old

Puzzle – Wensleydale sheep – 3 years old

SO, we have so many great sheep and great pictures- most of these taken by my friend Heidi Ellefson. She has such a talent catching the sheep’s expressions!

Be sure to check out the sheep’s website ok? Lots of new items for sale- the sheep said you might want to sit down with a big cup of coffee to browse!

Smooches all!
Jim & Sandy Ryan
…where sheep may safely graze.



Lots going on!

Even though it is cooooold outside! Each year I fuss about the weather. I need good sheep weather. Cold enough they don’t get too warm, but not too cold either. Happens every year to my fussbudget self… Bundle up for chores, weather man says it is 30 below zero wind chill and outside I go. The Pyrs are happy, playing ON the snow that has now become ice. First step out the door and I contemplate the idea of adding a pillow as padding to my hinder. Nope, already one foot outside. Gotta go through with it right now. Because my sheep desperately need me to keep them warm and comfy right?

And what do I see as I look out? Oh, funny funny sheep. This is NOT what I see.
THIS is what I see.
So they really don’t need me? Looks like some fun sheep shenanigans going on to me. Guess if the sun is out life is good?! Maybe my idea of cold should be adjusted? Hmmm. ANYhoo, while they are out having fun I am working on adding some new items to their website. Hope you can stop in and see if there is anything you absolutely cannot live with out for your next project!!
2ply116frostyrainbow1   rw116annie1
Lots and lots of fun for everyone- with some sheepie specialness included!

The sheep are sending hugs to keep you warm!

San & the sheep

Jim & Sandy Ryan
…where sheep may safely graze.

Just another day at the office!

The sheep went on strike the other day. The only office type help I got was they threw the mail and boxes on the back porch. Then they were off again. Doing what sheep do.
Arthur and Greta giving a perfect example of what sheep do…
(photo from last summer- some things never change!)
SO, the Pyrs decided to help me out instead.  First Fletcher tried to talk me OUT of working in the office.
DOH! I hear mail being thrown unceremoniously on the porch!
How do you like me NOW? Aren’t I just the best dog EVER? And then this happened:
Thank you Milo for being such a good box opener. And then THIS happened:
Is this a contest? Or a relay race?
Well, whatever it was, it was a long, tiring day at the office for my assistants. Know what was in the box? Dog grooming supplies, which after all that work did not amuse them. Bwaaahahahaha!

Stay warm everyone and watch for our update on the sheep’s website ok? Smooches from the crew!

Jim & Sandy Ryan
…where sheep may safely graze.

Oh Crap….They’re HOME!

Out out out you crazy dogs- because I, Chico did NONE of this! teagan1215wrappingpaper
SOMEbody OPEN the blasted DOOR!
Hmmm, Milo? Don’t know what you are talking about Mom?
You Fletcher?? No Mom, but do you see Teagan anywhere? There’s your sign….

(All this happened thanks to a macaw and 3 Pyrs while we were in IL having Christmas with our family today. Aren’t they saucy? They have all really landed in the right house though. Walked into the kitchen, saw all the ripped up wrapping paper and just started laughing. However, I did not find any humor in Teagan stealing not one, but TWO of my favorite cookies Mom makes? Wait, WHAT?! )

We are all working together (?) this weekend to add a bunch of new items to the sheep’s website. Keep an eye out and be sure you are on both our mailing lists ok?

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve surrounded by friends and family! The sheep send extra smooches and hugs- and wishes for safe travels while you are out and about.)

PS- at least they didn’t try to put the Christmas lights up for us too- or worse yet, push the lights out the kitchen window to the SHEEP right? OH my.

Jim & Sandy Ryan
…where sheep may safely graze.

There but by the grace of God…

…Go I.

We live in a rural area and I was so very sad to learn how many homeless people we have in the Monroe area. I am very disappointed to see our U.S. Veterans lost to the streets. It just makes me so sad. It can happen in a second. To anyone.

Many people do choose to remain homeless. But most would give a lot to have a safe place for themselves and their family to sleep at night. Some choose to sleep outside if the shelter will not accept their dogs. I’ve heard people write and talk about homeless people not deserving to have a dog or pet. That they cannot possibly be taking good care of them living on the streets.

Those are the people who do not see people feeding their dogs before they themselves eat.  Wrapping up in any blanket they can find just to keep that living soul close and warm. Those dogs are often their last ‘thing’ on earth and when that happens, the dog becomes much more than family. Much much more. They are the only comfort that person has left.

I’m pretty sure you’ve met our Fletcher, the Great Pyrenees puppy by now. We’ve had him a few months now and this is his story.

My wonderful Mom volunteers to walk dogs at the county shelter near her home. We had already adopted our Pyr Teagan from the shelter. Then this little puppy came along.

I do not know much about Fletcher’s prior person. I kept an eye on the puppy and offered to take him. Then his owner came to retrieve Fletcher. All the way from some place far away- on a bus. He loved his dog.

It turned out this man did not have a home. He was sleeping on the streets and his soul was this beautiful puppy. I think one of the shelter gals was dropping off dog food to him to try and help them out.

One day, that brave, sad man came back to the shelter to leave Fletcher there for good. He said he could not make Fletcher live on the streets during the winter, he could not afford to feed a big dog or have regular vet care.

The shelter gals told him they already had a good home for his puppy but we all know that doesn’t help much when you are leaving your soul behind. To trust a stranger to love and keep your dog. I know nothing else about this man except for what I learned from Fletcher.

That puppy has the best manners- most of the time. He was only 13 weeks old when we adopted him. He already knew how to shake, high five, sit, down and of course the ever important ‘no.’ He also loves to be brushed. I can see the time he put into his puppy to raise such a good citizen.  Things he does are hilarious and we stumble upon his tricks and such always by accident.

When we adopted him, his name was Jim. Since my hubby’s name is Jim we re-named the puppy Fletcher. A special family name in the Ryan family. We figured Jim was young enough to learn a new name. Not. Just the other day I was getting frustrated because Fletcher would not respond to me. That is definitely a Pyr trait but he was taking it a little over the limit. Finally I said JIM no. That puppy sat his little hinder down, looked over his shoulder at me like, hey, gotcha’, aren’t I a good good boy? Wow.

His name is now officially Puppy Jim Fletcher Ryan. :0)

I don’t know if Puppy Jim’s person will ever read this, but we will never forget how hard it was for you to let him go to a new home. We love your puppy. You did an amazing job raising him. We will be forever grateful for him and love him all his life.


My wish for Christmas would be that if you see a homeless person with a pet, how about stopping to help out with a bag of dog/cat food. A warm meal. Or leave a bag of dog food off at a food pantry. There are also many veterinarians who have pet food pantries now.

 Thank you all for everything you do for our sheep every day. We would not be where we are today with out you. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

…There but before the grace of God go I.

Jim & Sandy Ryan
and all our sheep, llama, horse and chicken family
…where sheep may safely graze.


The Three Muskapyrs

16 inches of snow? Milo, Teagan and Fletcher love it! – this is our ‘walk’ today. (nobody was hurt during our walk- this is how Great Pyrenees dogs play. Teagan also took her opportunity to teach Fletcher some manners, even though he is not her puppy. It all looks and sounds rough but they really are just wrestling and having fun fun fun!)
Three very tired Muskapyrs!

Have a great week everyone! Smooches from the flock!

Jim & Sandy Ryan
…where sheep may safely graze.