Homestead Wool & Gift Farm
Monroe, Wisconsin

Bio: The sheep, llamas and alpacas we love find their way here from a variety of situations including rescue efforts, special need animals, retirement needs or as a result of changing family situations that force people to re-home a fiber family member. We offer our critter family a safe place to live out their lives- romping on pastures with LOTS of treats and hugs to keep them happy. Our sheep are never eaten, sold, traded, given away or allowed to have lambs (unless they arrive pregnant of course!). If we bred our sheep, I would never part with even one so our farm would see a major population explosion- which would not be a good thing overall! Don't get me wrong, I do love my lamb babies, but can wait til a little bottle lamb needs me to get my 'fix'. ;0) The only 'rule' we have for the sheep is to be happy- AND provide us with their wonderful fleeces to share with their fan club peeps. The sheep offer washed, unwashed and dyed locks/fiber; dyed and undyed roving; our Crazy Quilt handspun yarn and Crazy Quilt batts. You can read more about our sheep (each has a bio), products and farm at our website: http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com

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