Change is good…..

Right? I am NOT good with change. Maybe that is why the sheep and I get along so well? They hate change…

Thanks to our friends Ashley  and Dayna  , we will be launching our new website in the next few weeks. Saweet! Keep an eye out for more updates, we’ll keep you posted. The sheep are having fun doing some writing and adding new photos. We are also working hard to make sure the site’s shop is full of fun things to shop, updated sheep biographies and much more. I can’t wait for you to see it! Ashley did the hard work setting it up (and putting up with ME) and I have finally gotten the hang of a new program.

We’ve been lucky to have the same web host, Beyond the Sidewalks , for our entire business career. Thank you for so many good years Sandy V.  We will miss you but wish you well in your new adventures!

Here is a change that has been fun to try out! We recently got the chance to try out a new wool wash called Power Scour!

The photo shows Moon Pie’s Wensleydale locks. Left: unwashed, right, washed and sparkly clean!

I really like how easily it washes a fleece, but with a very little bit of the product (PS). I also found I needed fewer rinses to get the fleece clean. The other bonus, for me, is the PS is amazing to use when washing Camelid fiber.

My llamas and alpaca are such naughties! They do everything they can to stay dusty and beyond dusty. I used lukewarm water and a little bit of PS and wowser! It cleaned the fiber right up. I only had to soak the fiber once in clear water, 1 soak in the PS and another clear water soak (maybe 2) and wa-la- clean, not dusty fiber! Ready to pop into a dye pot or dry/spin. Saves SO much time! And water since the fiber needs less rinsing. Tried it out on Suri & Huacaya alpaca and llama fiber. Awesome results each time.

SO, if you are up for a change in your wool washing supplies, I do recommend Power Scour!

I also hope you will visit the new website, we’ll be sending round an announcement when we have it ‘live.’ In the mean time, you can still shop the current site:

OR email the sheep if you are looking for something specific ok? Shearing is all done for the year so we are VERY well stocked with beauteous wool!

Hope all is well with you all and that you are enjoying some good weather-

Me and the Sheeps
Homestead Wool & Gift Farm


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