Sandy on the farm…

And today THIS happened.
Cassper is cute but what an ass. First thing this morning he was over with the big group of sheep. They are not fond of him and Cassper is not always fond of me. (Not sure what that is about?)  SO, caught the bad ass and put him back where he belongs. He actually behaved quite well for me- only nipped me. Nothing major but he still got a talking to about his manners. Smart ass. (Sorry, the jokes are too funny- every time I say or hear them.)

I took my morning walk with the sheep and opened the gate to the pasture. Wait WHAT?? Surely I didn’t just see Cosmo go by? Nah. Couldn’t be. He is in the group of sheep getting grain to gain some weight.
Next on the agenda is to feed the grain group. About 11 sheep. I think Cassper had the last hee haw. He opened the skinny sheep group’s gate. Seven sheep there that waited for breakfast before making an escape attempt. Phew! AND Bram came back in. He couldn’t make up his mind but breakfast grain eventually won. That leaves me with 3 sheep to catch. They are tame though and will be waiting for breakfast tomorrow.

I also have another job tomorrow. Called move a big, stubborn, strong sheep named Jerome OUT of the grain group. He thinks I don’t see him in the barn with sheep all smaller than him? Couldn’t get him out of there today. Too strong and I had had it by then.
That wasn’t all, the sheep were not done with me. A certain sheep who will NOT remain nameless hit me like a football linebacker. Annie. Annie Annie Annie.

I neglected to keep all 10 sheep in my field of vision, and in front of me. Carrying a bucket of grain. Really Sandy. How many years? The grain was already in the feeders and I had just given up on moving Jerome. Didn’t see Annie coming. She got me- kept pushing and then it was sheepie pony ride? For Pete’s sake.

Finished chores and been ticked off ever since. I hope Jim takes care of his broken foot so it heals quickly. Too many more days like this and I will be flying, cackling like a witch, all around our little valley. On my broom. :0)

Hope your weekends are quieter than today was here! And that you have some fun plans!

(and of course, the sheepie innocents said to send smooches- Cassper was too grumpy)



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