Christmas In July Sale!

WHAHHAAT????  The sheep have never ever EVER had a sale in all their years in business. Snowy sheep is not sure what got into everyone but this will be fun! What could be better than a red hot Christmas in July sale??? It definitely is red hot in WI- 100 degrees factoring in humidity. Ouch! The sheep needed a diversion- tee hee!

SO, here’s how it works out! There are sale prices across the board on almost every item. The shopping cart will reflect the sale price when you place your order and check out. The sheep’s sale will run from July 15 through July 31, 2016. There will be sneaky additions to the site through out that time so be sure you keep an eye on the sheep! 

2ply716gilbert1     2ply516baaxtrinkets
HANDSPUN YARN click here!

batts316morgahcqb1    batts616baaxter3
Crazy Quilt BATTS click here! 

rw716hampxbrown    rw516awassee
A variety of unwashed wool- click here!

wshd716mulesheep    wshd616pixel
Washed wool click here!

rw716maryllama1   rw716brownhuacjh1
Llama & Alpaca fiber click here!

This is Gilbert and he wanted to be sure you know there is a lot more to offer on the sheep’s website.  FREE SHIPPING on hand knit items and collectibles ! Gilbert also said he is sure the cool sale will settle the hot July weather for you. Shop ahead for fall! If you have any questions please let us know- we look forward to seeing you at the website!!

Happy Summer!
Jim & Sandy Ryan- and the sheep
….where sheep may safely graze.


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