The sheep thought it would be fun to introduce themselves. They decided I should write about one sheep at a time. The each have such fun stories and we have a wide variety of sheep in our flock family.
Our first featured sheep is Apollo.
We brought him home from our friends Graham & Margaret Phillipson’s farm. We were there helping out while their sheep were being sheared. There was a sweet little bottle lamb running around and when they asked if i would like to take him home- of COURSE I said yes. Of COURSE! He was a little peanut and we were not sure he would make it. Now he is 8 years old! Go Apollo!
apollo912Apollo is a North Country Cheviot Sheep. Graham & Margaret own Littledale farm in Richland Center, Wisconsin. You can read specifics about Apollo’s North Country Cheviot sheep family on Littledale’s  websiteThat way I won’t get anything turned around and I can just chat about our own Apollo sheep! (You are also welcome to contact Graham & Margaret – they love to chat about their sheep!)
(A gorgeous member of Apollo’s Littledale family!)
Apollo is a very good boy and easy to work with. He will wear a sheep coat if I ask but he does take any opportunity to find a nail- which puts nice little rips and tears in the fabric. Argh! We haven’t used coats the past few years as our sheep have gotten older. They have a bit of trouble getting tangled up in them. Nobody gets to get hurt here right?! (Including me when I have to untangle a frightened, old, easily stressed old sheep!)wshd216nccheviotNC Cheviot wool ranges in texture from soft to soft/medium. It is  a little ‘springy’, which makes it a great sock knitting yarn. Locks average 3 to 4 inches long and Apollo usually keeps his fleece clean. (Not as clean as he does wearing a coat but…)
wd316brionccThe wool soaks up dye like a sponge and is also easy to felt.
rov611ncclambsuriIt is also a beautiful, easily cardable fiber and Apollo’s roving is easy to spin. He asked Shari of Morro Fleece Works to blend his wool with alpaca so there would be a little drape in the yarn spun from this roving. Ooh la la!
Apollo (far right) is an easy going fellow who has lots of friends. However, his best friend is Devlyn (front center), our Scottish Black Face sheep. They are happy to have a pat on the head, MAYBE a hug, are very regal, handsome sheep. Just watch out if you are the one carrying a box of Vanilla Wafers or Fruit Loops though! All sheep manners go out the window. You have to be sly, those stinkers will run you down like a linebacker if you aren’t! (Ask me how I know?!) ha!

We hope all of you are having a great start to summer! If you have any questions about any of our sheep or their wool, please send us an email at the farm: ryan3@tds.net

It’s rainy right now so our soggy bottom sheep send smooches instead of hugs!

Jim & Sandy Ryan
…where sheep may safely graze.





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