A day at the boutique!

Oh please tell me you didn’t think it was ME going to the boutique? bwaahahahahaha! Every year Jim and I shear our Puzzle sheep ourselves. He has a huge hole in his heart and has to stand up for his haircut. If we set him on his hinder like the other sheep for their haircuts, he can’t breathe. Not good. Not good at all! SO, Saturday we got to work.
Milo (left) and Fletcher (right) were the set up crew.
The llamas were the supervisory committee to make sure the set up was properly carried out.
Puzzle said this is a big ‘no go.’ Not again?
Oooh la la!!
Half way there…
My guardian stayed with us the entire time. This was the first time he had seen a sheep sheared. He was a little worried. (Fletcher)
Thanks to a brand new pair of scissors, a lot of giggling by me and Jim- two hours later wa-la- all done!
The aftermath- Milo was not interested in clean up detail.
All of our sheep are special but Puzzle is a little extra special. He was not supposed to live past a few months after he was born. He just turned 3 YEARS OLD! You’ve beat the odds you sweet sheep!
Every day we get to spend with you is a blessing my little peanut. (And I am glad you don’t mind standing sort of still for a rather iffy haircut too.) You are my hero sheep Puzzle!

Hope all is well with you all! A huge update is on the way tomorrow so be sure to check the sheep’s website out ok?

Jim & Sandy Ryan & the Sheeps
…where sheep may safely graze.


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