A Friend Indeed!

If you follow the sheep and their cuteness, you also know how hard it is for me to keep them focused on work. They really only have three ‘jobs.’ Be cute, grow pretty wool and be healthy. Once in a while though, it IS nice to have some help. The sheep are very creative and love to card batts. They bicker and fuss waiting their turns and the girls throw sparkle around and it gets into the boy’s creations-which the boys do NOT appreciate. Then there is bedlamb in the fiber palace. Sigh.
Now that it is feeling like Spring, Arthur is showing you just how he looks at me- work? Yeah right.

Now the sheep have more help! My friend Mary is spending time with me in the fiber palace once a week. Keeping the sheep under control, monitoring turns AND carding up gorgeous beauteous batts!
Mary and I have been friends for a very long time now. You’ve probably seen her llama, alpaca, Angora rabbit AND Angora goat fiber available on our website.
I have always wanted to have a very big offering of batts available for sale- and Mary is making it happen.
Mini-Crazy Quilt Batts!
Ooh la la!! SO, welcome to the fiber palace Mary! I am so happy to be spending time with you AND keeping up with my fiber projects. You are a peach!

Be sure to check out  the batts – the sheep and I have created some new handspun yarn styles so keep an eye out for that too ok?

Shearing day is April 14 this year. More info to follow so stay tuned! Hope you are all well and enjoying the almost spring time weather!

Jim & Sandy Ryan
where sheep may safely graze. 


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